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Tai Chi Class include

1. 18-style in Tai Chi 
2. 32-style in Tai Chi
3. Nei Jia breathing
4. Qigong 8-section

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Tai Chi

Doctor Li Jian is a Tai Chi master and a well-known physician.  He grew up in a traditional Chinese medical family.  Since his childhood, he learned Chinese medicine from his grandfather and uncle and had great interest in the medical theories of Huang Di Nei Jing, Nang Jing, Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing, Shang Hang Disease, and Wen Bing Xue Shuo.  He set his career goal as helping people.  After graduating from GuangXi Medical School, he practiced Chinese medicine for many years and became a very famous doctor in China.  He was fortunate to have masters Gu Jin Zhang and Xu Jing Bo and Tai Chi champion Fu Zhi Neng as instructors. In all kinds of competition from numerous awards, 18 years old has been China master athletes, After many years of practice and research, Doctor Li is not only excellent in Tai Chi, Chinese medicine and health, but also in Buddhism and Taoism.  He combined Chinese medicine and Buddhism to create a new treatment method call " Meditation Therapy ".  He wants to use his expertise to serve people and communities.

Traditional Chinese culture believes that "Qi" is the source of all things. Although Qi can't be seen or touched, it can be transformed into useful energy under right body conditions.  Dr. Li used what he learned to help improve people's health, treat chronic diseases and reach longevity.  The effects is great, especially for middle and old aged people.  He has eased the pain and suffering of chronic diseases for many people and brought happiness to many families.

Tai Chi Class

5. Tai Chi defense 
6. Meditation therapy   
7. While the five elements
 8. 24 form tai chi

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